10 July 2017

Sonata Opus 10: Dialogue with Asia

---Prelude to the 10th Shanghai New Music Week 2017


If the primary theme of the 10th Shanghai New Music Week is about Asia, then its secondary theme is about dialogue, a peace sonata which urgently needs to be performed in the current international situation. This edition of Shanghai New Music Week from 19th to 24th Oct. 2017 offers Asian musicians an opportunity to showcase their successful music with the hope of prompting understanding, communication and respect among them and enhancing their voice in the international music world. The main body of this peace sonata is integrally constituted by the concerts of “Symphonic Asia”, “Dialogue for Piano and Percussion Between Asia and Europe”, “Portrait of Liza Lim”, an Australian composer of Chinese ancestry, “Portrait of Asian New Music”, “Dialogue Between Asian New Music and European Classical Music” , “North-South Dialogue for Chinese Traditional Instruments” between Shanghai Conservatory of Music and the Central Conservatory of Music, “Dialogue Between Jonathan Harvey and Asian Composers”, premiere works in China, “Dialogue Between Asia and Oceania” and “Dialogue Between Asian and European Symphonies”. Then the deafening “Concert Portrait of French Saturationism”, “Composition Master Class Concert” for students intended to seek talents and “Chinese Traditional Music”, a documentary movie by CHENG zhiyi, are fantastic episodes full of inspirations, and the lectures by the five composers in residence serve as the transitions, making these composers’ personal codes of composition known to the public. But what I expect most to see is that the two critics from America and Austria respectively, Steve Smith and Pierre Gervasoni, would get into a hot argument about music at the International Forum of Musical Criticism, for recently it’s been too dull and uneventful in the music critic world.


WEN Deqing

Artistic Director, 


The New Music Week

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